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Laguna CBD Cream (100mg)


CBD Cream for Skin

Nourish your skin with our broad spectrum CBD cream for skin. With 100mg of THC-free broad spectrum CBD, this hand cream provides immediate moisturisation, leaving your hands feeling soft, supple, and revitalised.

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        CBD Topical Cream

        Experience the smooth luxury of our CBD cream for skin. Infused with a delicate blend of luscious lemon and glamorous ginger, enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of broad spectrum CBD that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


        Why use CBD creams?

        • Anti-inflammatory Properties: One of the standout benefits of CBD is its potential anti-inflammatory effects. This makes it a promising ingredient for products targeting conditions like acne, rosacea, or other skin inflammations. By reducing inflammation, CBD may help calm the skin and reduce redness.
        • Antioxidant Protection: CBD is believed to have antioxidant properties, which means it might protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. Over time, this could lead to improved skin health and reduced signs of aging.
        • Sebum Regulation: Overproduction of sebum can lead to conditions like acne. Some studies suggest that CBD may help regulate sebum production, thereby potentially minimising breakouts and promoting a balanced complexion.
        • Soothing Effects: Due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may help to soothe sensitive skin, reducing issues like skin discomfort, itching, or general irritation.
        • Potential Anti-Aging Benefits: By virtue of its antioxidant properties, CBD may combat visible signs of aging, like wrinkles, skin dullness, and uneven skin tone. It might help in retaining the skin’s natural elasticity and youthful glow.
        • Enhanced Hydration: Some CBD skincare formulations include hemp seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids. This can offer deep hydration, making the skin look plump and radiant. It’s especially beneficial for dry or mature skin.
        • Support for Skin Repair: CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory effects combined with its rich nutrient profile may support the skin’s natural healing process, making it beneficial for treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or even minor cuts and burns.
        • Safe for Most Skin Types: CBD-infused skincare products are generally considered safe for a wide range of skin types, including both dry and oily. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various skincare needs.
        • Holistic Approach: As consumers trend towards more natural and holistic skincare solutions, CBD fits perfectly into this mould, offering a plant-based remedy to many common skin concerns.


        Luscious Lemon & Glamorous Ginger

        Inhale a burst of zesty freshness with our lemon and ginger CBD face cream, infused with added vitamins A & E. The tangy notes of lemon peel awaken your senses, offering an invigorating burst of citrus, renowned for its uplifting and cleansing properties. Its brightness is seamlessly entwined with the spicy warmth of ginger root, adding an earthy depth to the fragrance. Together, lemon and ginger create a unique, invigorating aroma that is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm day.

        Added to this sensory CBD delight are vitamins A & E which help to promote beautiful and healthy skin, reminiscent of a professionally curated spa experience. This rich fusion of scents evokes a harmonious balance, energising your senses while promoting tranquility. With every application, our lemon and ginger CBD cream transports you to a realm of vibrant aromas and enhanced wellbeing.

        Reimagining Skincare CBD Cosmetics

        Our CBD cosmetics represent the new wave of skincare – effective, nourishing, and infused with the benefits of broad spectrum CBD. Free of THC, our CBD beauty products promote overall wellness and are fully compliant with UK regulations.

        CBD For Skin: A Natural Fusion

        CBD, with its potential to improve wellbeing, is an excellent ingredient for skin products. Our broad spectrum CBD cream with 100mg phytocannabinoids interacts naturally with your skin, providing a soothing experience while enhancing your wellbeing.


        Directions for use

        Add a little water and massage into the skin gently with upward strokes. Leave for 10 minutes and wipe off gently with moist cotton. For best results, apply daily.


        Aqua, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Cannabis sativa seed oil, Glycerin, Borago officinalis seed oil, Glyceryl stearate, Cetearyl alcohol, Dimethicone, Stearic acid, Magnesium aluminium silicate, Prunus amygdalus duclis oil, Cannabis sativa leaf extract, Cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, Zingiber officinale root oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Alcohol denat, Sodium PCA, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, Caprylyl glycol, Panax ginseng root extract

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