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Cannabis Oil Tincture 500mg – Lemon OG


EndoFlo CBD Tinctures

Elevate your well-being and relaxation experience with EndoFlo CBD Tinctures and discover a premium CBD oil with a unique full-spectrum distillate, MCT base, and aromatic terpenes, providing almost instantaneous relief and exceptional potency.

Flavour profile: Lemon OG is a zesty burst of citrus with a vibrant aroma, offering a refreshing and uplifting twist to your wellness regimen.

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EndoFlo CBD Tinctures UK

Elevate your wellness routine with EndoFlo’s Lemon OG CBD Tincture, a full-spectrum blend containing 500mg of premium CBD in a 30ml bottle. This UK-compliant tincture combines a zesty lemon flavour with the advantages of full-spectrum CBD oil, providing an invigorating experience for your body and mind.


Lemon OG

Flavour profile: Lemon OG CBD Tincture presents a bright and zesty flavour profile that refreshes your senses with every drop. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons, while the taste delivers a vibrant burst of citrus with subtle earthy undertones. These lively flavours are further enhanced by the presence of energising terpenes, creating a truly revitalising CBD experience. The Lemon OG tincture is an excellent choice for those seeking a refreshing and uplifting twist to their daily wellness regimen.


Full Spectrum CBD Tincture for Holistic Wellness

Our Lemon OG CBD Tincture is a full-spectrum blend, containing an array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work synergistically to produce the “entourage effect.” This enhanced efficacy offers you a more holistic approach to wellness compared to isolated CBD products.

Energising Terpenes and MCT Oil Base

Infused with invigorating terpenes, EndoFlo’s Lemon OG CBD Tincture offers not only a delightful flavour but also additional wellness benefits. The medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil base ensures a fast-absorbing and bioavailable formula, making the most of your CBD experience.

Fast-Acting and Convenient CBD Tincture

EndoFlo’s CBD tincture offers a convenient and effective method of CBD consumption. Simply apply the desired dose under your tongue using the dropper and hold for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This sublingual application enables rapid absorption into the bloodstream, making tinctures an optimal choice over other forms of CBD.


500mg Phytocannabinoids


Lemon OG

Bottle Size



Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT Oil), Cannabis Sativa Extract, Natural & Artificial Flavourings

Suitable For

Vegans, Vegetarians, GMO Free


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