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Why Use EndoFlo CBD Vapes?

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What Makes EndoFlo CBD Vapes Unique?

There are lots of CBD vapes on the market, but what sets them apart? We believe the best CBD vapes should contain full spectrum cannabis oil, rather than broad spectrum oils which have a smaller cannabinoid profile than full spectrum distillates and do not produce the entourage effect.

Furthermore, the best CBD vapes will not crystallise at room temperature, making them inconsistent and difficult to use. Most CBD vapes contain oil which will thicken and solidify into small crystals, even at room temperature, which means users have to tightly grip the device to warm up and melt the oil before being able to use the device.

Lastly, the best CBD vapes will contain natural terpenes, rather than using artificial flavourings found in most normal nicotine vapes. If you’re seeking the natural benefits of the hemp plant, why not choose a product with all natural terpenes and flavours too!

This is why we created EndoFlo!

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Why Choose EndoFlo CBD Vapes?

There are lots of reasons to choose EndoFlo’s full spectrum, crystal-resistant cannabis vapes, but here are three reasons why we think they’re the best CBD vapes you can buy!

  • Full spectrum benefits

Unlike most other CBD vapes, EndoFlo vape pens contain our unique free-flow, full spectrum distillate which doesn’t crystallise at room temperature unlike other CBD disposable vapes. Most other CBD vapes contain a broad-spectrum oil, which lacks the full cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant and can be much less effective than a full spectrum oil. The oils can also crystallise and clog the coil inside of the device, making them difficult and unreliable to use.

EndoFlo is different. Using our unique, full-spectrum and free-flow formula, EndoFlo contains a bespoke blend of cannabinoids that prevents crystallisation at room temperature whilst also including the full range of cannabinoids and natural terpenes for the maximum entourage effect and flavour.

  • Promotes the entourage effect

As EndoFlo vape pens contain a full spectrum cannabis oil, they better promote the entourage effect allowing the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant to synergise for an elevated effect. Compared to purely isolated cannabinoids or broad spectrum devices that contain less of the minor cannabinoids.

  • Natural terpenes for authentic taste

We believe that nature knows best. EndoFlo is packed with natural terpenes that provide an authentic and rich flavour, with five mouth-watering flavours to choose from, including Strawberry OG, Purple Punch, Lemon OG, Sour Diesel and Island Zkittlez. Unlike other CBD vapes, EndoFlo contains no artificial flavourings, so you can enjoy a natural and authentic full spectrum flavour from every drop.

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